The Counterfeit Wife

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Rebecca “Becca” Parcell is at it again. In The Counterfeit Wife, the sequel to the Turncoat’s Widow, Becca is under orders to travel with her complex co-conspirator, Daniel Alloway. This time they travel to Philadelphia under the guise of a married couple. The shocking truth is that the marriage is nothing more than a ruse. While in the city, the faux married couple is welcomed by the elite of Philadelphia society. Becca makes some powerful friends in the Ladies Association of Philadelphia, such as Sally Franklin Bache, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin.

Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder

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Lady Caroline Morton, daughter of the late Earl of Morton, has fallen upon hard times. Necessity has compelled her to seek employment as a lady’s companion to a nouveau riche widow, Mrs. Frogerton. She also helps to instruct her employer’s daughter, Dorothy, in the finer points of being a proper lady. Caroline’s disapproving aunt, Lady Eleanor Greenwood, invites her and the Frogertons to a house party in the countryside.

Red Blossom in Snow

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In Tang Dynasty China, magistrate Li Chen possesses a fondness for Song Yi, a skilled courtesan who is indentured at the House of Heavenly Peaches. Despite the fact that they feel drawn to each other, it’s as if cruel fate is determined to separate them. He has his obligations to the Emperor and his family to think about. Eventually, two shocking things happen.

The Murder of Mr. Wickham

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Newlyweds Mr. Knightley and Emma are hosting a party at Donwell Abbey. In attendance are some of Jane Austen’s most beloved characters living happily ever after: Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, Colonel Brandon and Marianne, and Edmund Bertram and Fanny, among others. In an interesting interconnected web, all the characters are tied together in one way or another. Mr. Knightley is friends with Mr. Darcy, and so on.

Forest of Secrets

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Set in 1586, Forest of Secrets is book 19 in the Ursula Blanchard mystery series. After returning home from a journey, Ursula is approached by Etheldreda Hope, a woman dressed in simple clothing. When Etheldreda regales Ursula with strange tales coming from her village of Chenston, she does not know what to make of it. With whispers about Mary, Queen of Scots, Sir Francis Walsingham sends Ursula to Chenston in order to investigate the village. While there, she finds a group of people who still follow the old pagan ways. Do these people pose a threat to Queen Elizabeth? Only time will tell.

The Turncoat’s Widow

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In Revolutionary War New Jersey, Rebecca “Becca” Parcell, is a feisty widow who does not quite fit into Morristown society. After her husband dies aboard a prison ship, a rumor circulates around town that she was the one who turned him into the British. It is not long before she becomes unpopular, facing the censure and malice of others.

The Midwife’s Revolt

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Lizzie Boylston, our heroine stands on the threshold of her home as she watches her husband, Jeb, depart for war.  There is a sense of foreboding that seems to plague her about her husband leaving, especially during a difficult time.  She wants to stop him from going but knows that she is powerless to do so.  Before the battle takes place, Lizzie officially meets her husband’s relative, Abigail Adams as well as her children, a balm on a most painful wound.  Abigail is a very down-to-earth, sensible woman who appears to be the rock for everyone in the community, Lizzie especially.

The Miniaturist

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The year is 1686 and Petronella Oortman has arrived in Amsterdam, the glittering utopia city with pomp and splendor. The protagonist called “Nella” has come to move in to her husband, Johannes Brandt’s home. She is a quiet country girl from a very old Dutch family with a good name, hailing originally from the smaller town, Assendelft.