Red Blossom in Snow

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Title: Red Blossom in Snow: A Lotus Palace Mystery

Author: Jeannie Lin

Publisher: Jeannie Lin

Copyright: March 16, 2022

ISBN: 978-1957952000


Format: Paperback, 300 Pages

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery


Magistrate Li Chen harbors a secret. One that could destroy his hard-earned reputation, as well as his growing passion for the talented courtesan, Song Yi.

Li Chen’s duty to his family and the Emperor must come before the desires of his heart, but when a stranger to the city is found dead near the House of Heavenly Peaches, where Song Yi is indentured, the complicated nature of their relationship becomes the least of his troubles.

For Song Yi, Magistrate Li’s gentlemanly, late night conversations provide a welcome change from the games of courtship she is accustomed to, but his reserved attention won’t pay the bills. When one of her courtesan-sisters goes missing at the same time a stranger is killed in the pleasure quarter, she and Li Chen embark on an investigation as well as a passionate affair. But the riddle they uncover goes deeper than they could have imagined, and mysteries from their pasts may shatter any hope for the future.


In Tang Dynasty China, magistrate Li Chen possesses a fondness for Song Yi, a skilled courtesan who is indentured at the House of Heavenly Peaches. Despite the fact that they feel drawn to each other, it’s as if cruel fate is determined to separate them. He has his obligations to the Emperor and his family to think about. Eventually, two shocking things happen. A stranger is found murdered at the same time that a courtesan goes missing from the House of Heavenly Peaches. Now Li Chen and Song Yi must work together to solve the mystery, but it is far more twisted than they have initially expected. Moreover, will they be able to fight the passion that binds them both?

Red Blossom in Snow, the fifth book in the Lotus Palace Mystery Series, is an unforgettable tale of two souls connected on a deep level. Author Jeannie Lin writes beautifully. Her words are poetic at times, which adds to the charm of the book. Additionally, Song Yi and Li Chen are such wonderful characters. As a reader, you can feel the burning romance and the deep passion that they have for each other. My favorite aspect of this book is the perfect balance between romance and mystery. From the moment I started reading, I was able to escape into a different world that the author brought to life. This story captivated me from start to finish. To put it simply, Red Blossom in Snow is a work of art.

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