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It’s no secret that I love a good historical, women-centered book.

For centuries, women largely have not been able to tell their story in their own words. It is a fact that many women in earlier centuries were illiterate. They would have been taught the domestic arts regardless of their station in society. In several cases, their education was neglected.

Since antiquity, women’s stories have been told mostly by men. Let’s face it — those stories did not always paint the most flattering picture. If you read old books, they have a tendency to focus primarily on the stories of the men.

It seems like the women’s stories always fell through the cracks. That is why I dedicate this blog to the women history has forgotten.

This blog celebrates women in history and literature. As an author and historian, I celebrate stories about historical women and stories told by historical women.

Historical Book Reviews by Elizabeth K. Corbett

I write in-depth historical book reviews on my website. What does this mean exactly? I approach historical books from the perspective of a historian. For every historical fiction book I read, I examine the book through the lens of the time in which it is set. For example, I include a section where I discuss the historical background of what was occurring during the setting of the book. So you see, my reviews are historically focused.

What books do I review?

On this website, I review books of a historical nature. The books I normally review are:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Historical Nonfiction
  • Historical Mysteries
  • Historical Romance
  • Christian Historical Fiction
  • Historical Women’s Fiction
  • Historical Gothic Romance
  • Classics

I rarely review books outside of these genres. The majority of books I gravitate towards are those that focus principally on historical women.

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