Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder

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Title: Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder

Author: Catherine Lloyd

Publisher: Kensington

Copyright: May 31, 2022

ISBN: 978-1496723291


Format: E-Book, 304 Pages

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery


Following the suspicious death of her father, the Earl of Morton, and the discovery that she and her much younger sister have been left without income or home, Lady Caroline takes a post as a lady’s companion to wealthy widow Mrs. Matilda (Matty) Frogerton.
Eager to introduce herself and her rather wild daughter to the ton, Mrs. Frogerton is pleased when they are invited by Caroline’s aunt, Lady Eleanor Greenwood, to a house party in the countryside. For her part, Caroline is eager to see her little sister, who now lives with their aunt.But all is not well at the Greenwood estate . . .
For one thing, Lady Caroline’s former fiancé, Lord Francis Chatham, is a guest and refuses to speak to her. Worse, after a series of troubling harassments of the staff, an elderly family member is found fatally stabbed by a knitting needle. . . . As Caroline and an unexpected ally—Mrs. Frogerton—attempt to solve the chilling crime, they discover bizarre clues in the nursery as to who will be next. But they must make haste, for this heartless killer is engaged in anything but child’s play . . .


Lady Caroline Morton, daughter of the late Earl of Morton, has fallen upon hard times. Necessity has compelled her to seek employment as a lady’s companion to a nouveau riche widow, Mrs. Frogerton. She also helps to instruct her employer’s daughter, Dorothy, in the finer points of being a proper lady. Caroline’s disapproving aunt, Lady Eleanor Greenwood, invites her and the Frogertons to a house party in the countryside. While the party takes place, Caroline has her fair share of awkwardness. Not long after, her great-aunt is mysteriously found dead. Caroline works with Mrs. Frogerton to discover who committed the crime before the next murder happens.

From the moment I started reading Miss Morton and the English House Party Murder, I was quickly swept up in a well-written story. I found it utterly engrossing. The characters are interesting and easy to relate to, especially Caroline and Mrs. Frogerton. In Caroline, we have an admirable and capable young woman who faces all kinds of adversity. Her good-natured employer, Mrs. Frogerton, is also very affable and likeable. I particularly enjoyed their friendship. This novel kept me constantly guessing throughout all its twists and turns. While the pacing is good for the most part, there are instances where it feels a bit slow. Overall, it is an enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a fun historical mystery, definitely give this a try.

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