The Turncoat’s Widow

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Title: The Turncoat’s Widow: A Revolutionary War Myster

Author: Mally Becker

Publisher: Historia/Level Best Books

Copyright: February 16, 2021

ISBN: 978-1953789280


Format: E-Book, 308 Pages

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Historical Romance


Recently widowed, Rebecca Parcell is too busy struggling to maintain her farm in Morristown to give a fig who wins the War for Independence. But rumors are spreading in the winter of 1780 that she’s a Loyalist sympathizer who betrayed her husband to the British-quite a tidy way to end her disastrous marriage, the village gossips whisper.

Everyone knows that her husband was a Patriot, a hero who died aboard a British prison ship moored in New York Harbor. But “everyone” is wrong. Parcell was a British spy, and General Washington-who spent that winter in Morristown-can prove it. He swears he’ll safeguard Becca’s farm if she unravels her husband’s secrets. With a mob ready to exile her or worse, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

Escaped British prisoner of war Daniel Alloway was the last person to see Becca’s husband alive, and Washington throws this unlikely couple together on an espionage mission to British-occupied New York City. Moving from glittering balls to an underworld of brothels and prisons, Becca and Daniel uncover a plot that threatens the new country’s future. But will they move quickly enough to warn General Washington? And can Becca, who’s lost almost everyone she loves, fight her growing attraction to Daniel, a man who always moves on?


In Revolutionary War New Jersey, Rebecca “Becca” Parcell, is a feisty widow who does not quite fit into Morristown society. After her husband dies aboard a prison ship, a rumor circulates around town that she was the one who turned him into the British. It is not long before she becomes unpopular, facing the censure and malice of others.

When it is confirmed that her husband was a spy for the British, none other than the famous general and spymaster, George Washington charges Becca with a dangerous task. At first she balks at the idea but eventually agrees to help Washington uncover her late husband’s past transgressions in exchange for maintaining control of her farm. Thereafter she travels to New York city with Daniel Alloway, a man who knew her husband, and they discover that the mystery is far more twisted than anyone could have ever anticipated.

The Turncoat’s Widow is a delightful, fast-paced mystery that keeps a reader engaged every step of the way. To say that I adored this book is an understatement. I devoured it over the course of two days, scarcely putting it down. I was always excited for what would happen next. Through the many twists and turns, I found myself on the edge of my seat. That being said, the plot was steady and consistent.

This book was rich in narrative, characters, and dialogue. The characters were well-written, interesting, and came across as believable. Becca was a relatable and worthwhile heroine who was anything but conventional. She is a brave woman who has to face insurmountable odds in an uncertain and dangerous environment. While the overall characterization was impressive, some of the historical figures depicted in the book came across as awkward. This is the only criticism I can think of.

Ms Becker did an excellent job bringing the conflict-ridden world of Revolutionary War New Jersey and New York to life. When reading the book, the threats that Becca and Daniel faced felt very real. One of my favorite aspects of this book was the Author’s Note at the end which was a treasury of fascinating information. The author’s dedication to historical research and accuracy was something that came across as readily apparent. This added a lot to the book overall. If you want a great fast-paced historical mystery, give The Turncoat’s Widow a try.


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