The Persuasion of Miss Kate

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Title: The Persuasion of Miss Kate: A Humorous Traditional Regency Romance

Author: Kathleen Baldwin

Publisher: Ink Lion Books

Copyright: 2021

ISBN: 978-0988836464


Format: E-Book, 258 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Christian Fiction

Price: $3.99 [Kindle | KindleUnlimited], $12.99 [Barnes and Noble Paperback]


Lord Colter is determined to persuade Miss Kate Linnet to marry him, but she yearns for independence above all else.

Kate adores her younger sisters, but taking care of them ever since her mother died has her yearning for freedom. Or so she thinks.

Marriage is most assuredly not the answer. After all, with marriage comes more responsibility and inevitably more children. Even knowing that, two years ago, she agreed to marry Lord Colter. Devil take his boyish charm! And those roguish dark eyes of his. She never should have said yes. And the more he pushed for a wedding date, the more she found fault with him. Finally, having had enough, he broke off their engagement in the middle of the Clapsforth-on-Wye assembly ball. During the cotillion!

In front of everyone.


After such public humiliation, Kate wants to escape her crumbling life entirely. When her aunt, the notorious Lady Alameda, offers her a London Season, Kate readily accepts, but soon discovers her mischievous aunt is making her already troubled life worse.

Can Lord Colter rebuild the bridge between them, or will Kate let their chances at love and happiness slip through her fingers again?


Miss Kate Linnet, daughter of Sir Cavendish Linnet, is the long-suffering oldest sister who takes care of a gaggle of younger sisters. Since her mother passed away, they have been her responsibility. There is sweet, good-natured Nora; the troublemaker, Sadie; and Tilly, the youngest sister who is still quite childlike. Kate is smarting from the moment where she was jilted at the altar by the odious Lord Greyson Colter. She is not soon to forget the humiliation she faced at the hands of that gentleman during a ball. As the shepherd and caretaker of her siblings, she seeks a way to escape all of it. When her aunt, the formidable but quirky Lady Alameda makes an appearance at Clapsforth-on-Wye, she invites Kate to undertake a London Season. But, why is she really there?

In Kate, we have a passionate and strong-minded individual who has no choice but to be strong. For ten years she has been the guardian of her three siblings. At twenty-two years old, she wants to broaden her horizons. As Kate is transparent, Greyson is a bit of shadowy figure who exists in the background. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where they interacted because of their bickering. The characters were my favorite part of this story because they were so interesting and a lot of fun, sometimes even humorous. The pacing of the story was overall steady and I was easily drawn into the lives of the Linnet sisters. There were times in the novel where the writing sounded a bit too modern for my taste but it didn’t detract too much from the story. I really liked this “The Persuasion of Miss Kate.” It was a fun regency romp.

I graciously received this complimentary copy of “The Persuasion of Miss Kate” by Ink Lion Books and Netgalley. All ideas and thoughts expressed herein are my own.


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