In This Moment

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Maggie’s life is unique. As a time-traveler, she inhabits three different time periods. In 1861, she is Miss Margaret Wakefield, daughter of a well-to-do senator wary of spies during the beginning of the Civil War. In 1941, she is Lieutenant Maggie Hollingsworth, a Navy nurse just before the start of World War II. In 2001, she is Meg Clarke, a promising medical student working at Georgetown University Hospital.

The Persuasion of Miss Kate

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Miss Kate Linnet, daughter of Sir Cavendish Linnet, is the long-suffering oldest sister who takes care of a gaggle of younger sisters. Since her mother passed away, they have been her responsibility. There is sweet, good-natured Nora; the troublemaker, Sadie; and Tilly, the youngest sister who is still quite childlike. Kate is smarting from the moment where she was jilted at the altar by the odious Lord Greyson Colter.

The Work of Thy Hand

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It is 66 AD. Mira Bat-Chet is the daughter of a prosperous Christian family from Yaffa. When the Romans attack, she is taken as a slave and sent to Rome. While there, she becomes a personal attendant to Lady Verina Gallus, member of a prominent patrician family. In the service of Lady Verina, she spends much of her days going to the marketplace, attending to her mistress’s toilette, and embroidering garments with her own skill. When Drusus Flavius Gallus, her mistress’s son, returns to Rome, Mira does what she can to avoid his notice. Despite his attempts to pursue her, she rebuffs him at every instance.

A Patchwork Past

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Sophie Deiner, an ex-Amish woman and daughter of a prominent bishop, returns to Nappanee, Indiana, when she is ill. She isn’t particularly enthused to be back in her old neighborhood, and many Amish seem to ignore her, including her mother. Her parents request that she wear her old Amish dresses while staying there, even if it is a temporary arrangement.

Naomi’s Gift

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Amy Clipston’s Naomi’s Gift is the story of a spirited young Naomi King, an Amish woman who has been jilted in love a few times. Having had a few bachelors, neighbors begin to whisper that she is shameless. Everything changes when she meets widower Caleb Schmucker who lost his wife two years prior and lives with his endearing daughter Susie. Susie immediately takes a liking to Naomi and, in time, Caleb does as well.

Two Suitors for Anna

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The year is 1903. Anna Plank lives a charmed life in the small rural hamlet of Berlin, Ohio. Residing with her mother, Mrs. Plank and two sisters, Leah and Beth, she works devotedly at Grace’s Dry Goods Shop. For years she has been courted by none other than the handsome, fair-haired Noah Schwartz, a man possibly considers the love of her life. Unfortunately, Noah has different ideas from Anna and, when he constantly wants to change the way things are done, it unsettles her. He announces that he will be leaving Berlin to travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that he wants her to accompany him. Not wanting to leave her beloved family behind, she is torn between the man she loves and those who need her.

Empty Cup

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Rosanna Zook is a survivor. For years she has been married to a horrid and abusive husband, Timothy Zook. It seems like Rosanna cannot do anything right and, to make matters worse, Timothy is indolent and he is far from being what a proper Amish man is expected to be. They have two children, Aaron and Cate. Cate, who is their younger child, has always been Timothy’s least favorite child and he has gone out of his way to ignore her.

An Amish Christmas

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The motherly and domestically minded Meg Hobart has it all: the big house, the BMW, a strapping but handsome husband with a high-powered job, three beautiful children, and time to dedicate to whatever pleases her. While her husband James is the breadwinner, Meg is the homemaker who keeps both the home and the family’s schedule running on a consistent basis. Meg has three children who she dotes on constantly, pandering to their every need. While she has three children, Lizzie and Will, the two eldest are exceedingly spoiled and selfish. Her youngest son, Sam is the only one in the family treating her with great affection and respect.

The Curiosity Keeper

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Camille Iverness lives with her father in a curiosity shop [Iverness Curiosity Shop] on Blinkett Street in London. The daily minutiae of Camille’s life revolves around the operation of this shop while her father happens to vanish for days at a time, meeting with buyers. Camille is used to being firm and strong, a lot of the time dealing with those who are clearly unhappy with her father, a man who is known for his terrible reputation. James Iverness seems altogether to be a shadowy figure looming in the background while the dark-haired Camille is front and center.