The Bad Miss Bennet

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What is a poor widow to do when no one else realizes her magnanimous dreams? Lydia Wickham lives at Pemberly with Elizabeth, her older sister, and her stick-in-the-mud brother-in-law, Mr. Darcy. She dreams of exciting diversions on the Continent and the endless adventures that await. Now that she has lost Mr. Wickham, her late husband, she aspires to marry a wealthy man. This in turn will furnish her with enough money and then she will no longer be a poor widow.

A Reason for Romance

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London, 1810. Georgiana Merry, a young debutante in Regency England, is launched into society. As she is the granddaughter of the Duchess of Wessex, there is much expected of her, especially a bright future. Early on in her debut, she happens to catch the eye of the Earl of Castleford, who feels an immediate attraction. Coincidentally, he is the very same young man who saved her from her ill-advised elopement two years earlier.

Touching Fire

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In this tale set between 81 and 90 AD, Cornelia is a young Vestal Virgin who comes from a Patrician family in ancient Rome. Like all the priestesses of Vesta, she spends her days tending to the holy fire, living out a vow of chastity, and fulfilling the ceremonial requirements of her position. She escapes from the temple one night after she mistakenly lets the fire go out, knowing she will be punished if caught. Thereafter, she has a number of adventures and experiences the horrors of the world outside.

Shadows of the White City

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Jocelyn Green’s “Shadows of the White City,” book two in the “Windy City Saga,” is a historical Christian novel set in Chicago, in 1893, during the excitement of the World’s Fair. Sylvie Townsend is a generous and loving woman who has run the family bookstore and taken care of her ailing father for years. When a Polish immigrant approaches her with his young daughter, Rozalia “Rose” Dabrowski, she agrees to raise the girl as her own.

Miss Austen

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Gill Hornby’s Miss Austen is a historical fiction book that centers around famed author, Jane Austen and her lesser-known sister, Cassandra. In Spring of 1840, Cassandra arrives in Kintbury with a mission that she has secretly undertaken to protect the legacy of a beloved sister. This involves searching for letters that have been long forgotten in the vicarage of the Fowle family, letters once written by Jane.

The Widow

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The Widow, the first installment in “The Silver Linings Mysteries” is a novel about an abused wife, Nell Caldicott whose husband, Jude dies at sea. Nell is very much a broken woman who early on realizes her mistake in marrying Jude but she refuses to regret her decision. Living in dire financial straits, she soon meets the handsome Nathan Harbottle, a wealthy gentleman who is in search of his long lost cousin, Felix Harbottle.

The Last Valentine

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Felix Alexander’s The Last Valentine takes place in Old Sienna, Puerto Rico, in the year 1935. Olivia Villalobos, the protagonist, is a young lady who lives with her straitlaced aunt, Katarina and her father, Javier Villalobos, a police inspector and well-known alcoholic. As the story opens up, the body of an unidentified man is discovered in Old Sienna and the inebriated Javier brings home a bloodstained letter. Eventually, that very same letter ends up in the hands of his daughter, Olivia, and she consults with her good friend, Isaac Quintero.

Two Empresses

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Two Empresses centers around two young women who are cousins, Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie and Aimée du Buc de Rivéry, growing up in Martinique. The story opens up in 1779, on an evening where Rose (who history would known as Joséphine) and Aimée sneak out of the house to go visit a mystic by the name of Euphemia David, a woman who is something of a local legend.