The Girl with the Silver Bangle

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Title: The Girl with the Silver Bangle

Author: Linda Finlay

Publisher: HQ

Copyright: March 18, 2021

ISBN: 978-0008392642

ASIN: B0842D1HG8

Format: E-Book, 384 Pages

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance


London, 1910. A cruel twist of fate means Daisy must give up the job she loves painting for a theatre company and move to Devon. Only the silver bangle she wears on her wrist brings comfort, reminding her of a young man who once promised her his heart.

In Devon, life is very different. Lodging with her uncle at his busy tavern, Daisy must scrub and serve for her keep. And when her uncle catches her sketching, he is furious and forbids her to draw.

But a chance meeting with two travelling artists offers Daisy a different path, and steeling her courage, Daisy runs away with them to Lamorna, Cornwall, home to a famous group of bohemian artists…

This heart-warming tale of love and triumph from Linda Finlay, the Queen of West Country saga, will enchant readers.


In London in 1910, Daisy Tucker is a young woman whose family has fallen upon hard times. When her father loses his job, she must do what she can to keep her family afloat. She enjoys her job working at the Fun Factory, where she is encouraged to use her talents and be creative. When tragedy befalls the family a second time, Daisy is forced to move to Devon to live with an uncle who is virtually a stranger. As she moves into her uncle’s tavern, little does she realize that she will have to work in order to live there. Even though she is abused by her uncle, she remembers her silver bangle and the handsome young lover who made it for her.

The Girl with the Silver Bangle is a dark and gritty tale about a young woman who finds beauty amid the drudgery of life. Not only is this book well-written, but it has a great cast of characters. Daisy is a strong and enduring young woman who always seeks out a better life no matter her circumstances. The overall pace of the story is steady, and it kept me engaged every step of the way. Author Linda Finlay brings to life the poverty-stricken and unfair world of this time period. It all feels so jarring and real. The rich and colorful dialogue was one of my favorite things about this story. It adds a lot of character. One final thing I admired was that art and artists played a role in this tale. It was so fascinating watching Daisy’s burgeoning interest and talent with art. This is an engrossing book from start to finish.


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