Destined For You

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Title: Destined For You

Author: Tracie Peterson

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Copyright: March 2, 2021

ISBN: 978-0764232350


Format: E-Book, 325 Pages

Genres: Religious Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Romance


Can she withstand the storms of life that blow her way?

Gloriana Womack’s family is much smaller since scarlet fever killed her mother and two of her siblings. She’s dedicated her modest life in Duluth, Minnesota, to holding the remains of her fractured family together, caring for her father and younger brother. But it is hard not to be overrun by worry when her father is often gone on long fishing trips, their livelihood coming from the waters of the temperamental and sometimes deadly Lake Superior.

Luke Carson has come to Duluth to help shepherd the arrival of the railroad to the city’s port, and he’s eager to be reunited with his brother and sister-in-law, who recently moved there and are expecting their first child. Competition for the railroad is fierce, with the neighboring city of Superior, Wisconsin, fighting for the tracks to come through their town instead. But the real danger lies in a man who has followed Luke across the country with revenge on his mind.

When tragedy brings Gloriana and Luke together, they help each other through their grief and soon find their lives inextricably linked. If they survive the trials ahead, could it be possible they’ve been destined for each other all along?


Tracie Peterson is one of those authors who needs no preamble in the Christian historical fiction world. I have had the pleasure of reading her books before. So, when I saw her latest novel, Destined for You, I eagerly decided to give it a try.

Destined for You, the first installment in a trilogy, is about Gloriana Womack, the daughter of a fisherman who lives on the edge of stormy Lake Superior. When tragedy strikes, her life changes forever and she finds her faith tested. During this time, she meets Luke Carson, a Philadelphia-born railroad businessman, who has recently relocated to Duluth, Minnesota. After the initial spark of romance, the two of them grow in friendship and love despite the trials they continually face.

Destined for You was a delightful, exquisite gem of a book that I simply could not put down. To say that this is a deep and heartfelt story is an understatement. This story is so richly steeped in spirituality and love that it resonates throughout the book. It adds wonderful depth.

It was not long after I started reading before I was swept up into Gloriana’s world. In Ms. Peterson’s book, the world of the late 1860s came alive. The writing was so strong and descriptions so rich that I felt like I was standing there alongside Gloriana. Not only is this work well-written but it is well-researched, too.

In addition, Ms. Peterson wrote her characters masterfully, making them realistic and human. They were flawed, interesting, and easy to relate to, especially Gloriana. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Most of all, I loved the moral behind this story which was not so much about people but about God.

I graciously received this complimentary copy of Destined for You by Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley. All ideas and thoughts expressed herein are my own.


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