Elizabeth K Corbett


Greetings and welcome! My name is Elizabeth K. Corbett and this is my own personal corner of the internet. I am an author, historian, researcher, and scholar.

I received my BA in English and my MA in English (with a concentration in Writing Theory). For seven years I worked at a university. So, I come from a highly academic background. All that being said, my specialty is focusing on the writings of eighteenth and nineteenth-century women. I wrote my MA thesis on the witty writings of one of Thomas Jefferson’s granddaughters. Needless to say, I have always been passionate about the lives of women in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For years I have reenacted nineteenth century life at a living history museum and it only further deepened my love of this subject.

As a historian and fledgling archivist, I love handling original documents from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In all the archival research that I have done, I have been fortunate to see and hold the original documents in my hand.

My love for writing about historical women was born out of some of the greatest books I have ever read. Jane Austen needs no preamble but her writings have been some of the most influential in my life. I always loved Sense and Sensibility which is all about three different sisters and their relationships with one another. Anne Brontë is an underrated author who penned The Tenant of Wildfell Hall about a mother fighting to protect her son in a society that is set against her. Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Mothers, her last novel, is all about a blended family that comes together in provincial, 1830s England.

I am particularly fascinated with the Regency Era in England. It is something that I have read about and researched extensively. In fact, my first publication “Marie-Thérèse Remembers,” which will come out in November of 2022 is set amid the backdrop of Regency England and the Bourbon Restoration.

A wise person once gave me great advice: Write about what you know! I have always known that I wanted to write inspirational historical fiction about women. Although, all of those years volunteering at a living history museum and conducting research about nineteenth-century American women inspired me to set my writings in America.

All of this being said, in this blog I will write a lot about life in the Early Republic era of America. The years I am interested in are from about 1790s to about the early 1840s. So, I will be conducting research and making posts about my findings. I will also be talking about future books coming out. If this is something that interests you, I encourage you to sign up to receive notifications!