The Year of Jubilee

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Grace Mockingbird is a teenager living in Jubilee, Kentucky, a coal mining town, with her parents and two siblings: Sissy and Isaac. The middle child in the family, she is often at odds with her prim and proper mother, whom she refers to as Virginia. Virginia’s great ambition is to ingratiate herself with the well-to-do ladies in town.

Her Own Legacy

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Joliette de Verzat, a young woman belonging to a French aristocratic family, is dedicated to upholding her family’s legacy, Château de Verzat Wines. The de Verzat family owns a vineyard in the beautiful Loire Valley, far removed from the intrigues of Versailles. She was trained by her loving paternal grandmother, grandmaman, to care for the business. When that good lady passes away, the business is inherited by her father who could care any less.

The Queen’s Dressmaker

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In the twilight years of the French monarchy, Giselle serves Queen Marie Antoinette and helps her to perfect her appearance. Outside the palace walls, the common people are in uproar and protest in the streets. At Versailles, the facade of normalcy exists but Giselle starts to see that everything is not as it seems. The closer Giselle gets to the queen the more she sees the heavy burdens that weigh on her shoulders.