By the Sea: Julie Klassen’s “The Sisters of Sea View”

When tragedy suddenly strikes the Summers family, they have no choice but adapt to the situation. They have lost a beloved husband and father. Now Mrs. Summers and her four daughters (Sarah, Emily, Viola, and Georgiana) face the cruel reality of penury. What are five genteel females to do? Help comes in the form of Miss Fran Stirling, a former lady’s maid who once served Mrs. Summers. She suggests that the Summers’s women let out the rooms of Sea View, the great house where they live in Sidmouth. The unwell Mrs. Summers and her daughter Viola initially balk at the idea, finding it to be beneath their dignity.

Alternate Endings: Marie Thérèse Remembers

In this post, we are going to explore the inspiration behind my short story, Marie Thérèse Remembers from the Alternate Endings anthology. This was an anthology that was created by eight authors and is presented by the Historical Writers Forum. This is my first foray into the world of publishing. It has been quite a journey! For the people that know me, …