The Midwife’s Revolt

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Lizzie Boylston, our heroine stands on the threshold of her home as she watches her husband, Jeb, depart for war.  There is a sense of foreboding that seems to plague her about her husband leaving, especially during a difficult time.  She wants to stop him from going but knows that she is powerless to do so.  Before the battle takes place, Lizzie officially meets her husband’s relative, Abigail Adams as well as her children, a balm on a most painful wound.  Abigail is a very down-to-earth, sensible woman who appears to be the rock for everyone in the community, Lizzie especially.

The Curiosity Keeper

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Camille Iverness lives with her father in a curiosity shop [Iverness Curiosity Shop] on Blinkett Street in London. The daily minutiae of Camille’s life revolves around the operation of this shop while her father happens to vanish for days at a time, meeting with buyers. Camille is used to being firm and strong, a lot of the time dealing with those who are clearly unhappy with her father, a man who is known for his terrible reputation. James Iverness seems altogether to be a shadowy figure looming in the background while the dark-haired Camille is front and center.

The Miniaturist

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The year is 1686 and Petronella Oortman has arrived in Amsterdam, the glittering utopia city with pomp and splendor. The protagonist called “Nella” has come to move in to her husband, Johannes Brandt’s home. She is a quiet country girl from a very old Dutch family with a good name, hailing originally from the smaller town, Assendelft.